Human-animal conflicts

Mitigating human-animal conflicts in Bannerghatta

Leader: Avinash Krishnan

Mitigating human-animal conflicts

Bannerghatta National Park, India

BNP is renowned for its population of Asian Elephants and its proximity to Bangalore produces ample conditions for human-elephant conflict, with devastating impact for both people and wildlife. While the focus on elephants has been appropriate given their high threat status (EN), it has often overshadowed other important biodiversity values of BNP.  Based on a study done on ‘Vertebrate Pests’ there seems to be a number of herbivores and carnivores that come into conflict with the local community on a smaller scale, leading to clashes nevertheless. The scope of this study is to give the management insight into some of the other mammals that are in, or have the potential to come into, conflict with the local population, thereby creating a possibility of a preventive model to conservation.