Community conservation

We believe that community is an essential key to conservation and therefore there is a requirement for sensitization and collaboration among local key factions.

Sensitization of Human-Elephant Conflict in the Eastern Ghats Landscape

We conduct sensitization and awareness building in agricultural communities that are often subjugated to conflict with elephants. These exercises involve interacting with the local communities and the local forest department to form a nexus between these two critical stakeholders. Through the tools of environment education and elephant ecology we try to create an understanding of the situation in the local communities.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADriving Operations along with Anti-depredation Squad (Forest Department)

Very often elephants leave the protected area network and forage into non-elephant habitats causing stress and conflict with the local community. Anti-depredation Squads are created by the Forest Department to drive-back elephants into the National Park. A Rocha India often assists the Forest Department in these driving- back operations to ensure minimal conflict.

Consultations for Local Communities

ConsultationA Rocha India provides consultations for local agricultural communities as well as individual land-holders towards mitigating conflict. Surveys are conducted to assess the lands that are susceptible to elephant intrusions and suitable long and short term mitigation measures are recommended, along with possible suggestions of suitable barrier mechanisms.

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