Education program

Conservation in India depends upon the support of future generations. Our education programs are based on a hands-on approach to understanding the reality and challenges facing our natural heritage.

Urban School Education Program

Bannerghatta National Park is a biologically and culturally diverse landscape situated close to the metropolitan city of Bangalore. This enables us to offer schools a holistic understanding of biodiversity and human-animal conflicts in the hope of promoting future conservation stewards.


Nature Walks

Nature trails have been created around the field study center at Kasserguppe, offering participants experience of the biodiversity in the eco-tones abutting the National Park. Older students are also given the opportunity to visit some of the nature trails inside the Park on prior consent of the Forest Department. While trekking through these trails participants are given an understanding of some of the conservation challenges that this landscape faces.

Rural Environment Education

A Rocha India assists the Forest Department in conducting environmental education programs for the local schools abutting the reserve. Presentations and interactive sessions with the students are conducted to create an awareness of the environment that they stay in and the importance of why it needs to be protected with their help.


Bird Watching (2)Birdwatching

Kasserguppe could be considered an ornithologist’s haven with the diversity of habitats available for avian fauna. From water bodies, open fields, scrub lands and forests it contains over 80 species of birds to be admired. Our own backyard at the field study center contains a number of birds which can be leisurely viewed through our machan! (tree platform)


Train the Trainers Program

A Rocha India conducts training for teachers of life sciences as part of their refresher course requirements. Here teachers are given the opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge with the latest on-field developments to enhance their teaching experience.



At A Rocha India we conduct a number of presentations designed for various sections of the population.Topics vary from Asian Elephant Conservation, Human-Wildlife Conflict, Urban Wildlife etc. As part of our various on-going activities in our field study center presentations are a component of the schedule; in addition to which we are invited to various institutions to give talks on a variety of conservation-related topics.


GIS Training ProgramGIS Training

Sunsoft Technologies, Bangalore, in collaboration with A Rocha India, offers workshops on GIS training. This involves field experience experimenting with various geo-spatial tools as well as the use of GIS software to enhance data collection and analysis.

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