Chilli-tobacco elephant barrier experiment

9:56 minutes – A Rocha India

Asian elephants are in constant contact with humans at the Bannerghatta National Park, leading to many cases of human-elephant conflict (HEC).  These not only result in economic losses for farmers, but also threaten the survival of elephant populations.  Conventional barriers such as solar-powered fences, rubble walls and trenches are often not effective.  As a result, the A Rocha India team have been testing a chilli-tobacco rope barrier in certain villages around Bannerghatta National Park of Southern India.  Elephants have a superior sense of smell and it has been found that the pungent odour given off by the chilli-tobacco paste keeps them away from farmers’ crop fields.

The project was funded by USFWS and conducted in associaton with Karnataka Forest Dept. and ANCF.

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